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Season 23/24 ~ Let The Madness Continue

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

It seems like only yesterday when Woolwich choked and City took a 3rd title on the trot, but as the new season starts ridiculously early, attention already needs to turn to 23/24 and decisions need to be made on how you think the new season will pan out.

Let me start by either 'Welcoming You Back', or 'Welcoming You' for the first time.

Everything you need to know is on my website and everything is viewed so much better on a laptop than a mobile, but I will keep working on that mobile site.

We're just over 3 (THREE) weeks away from the start of 23/24 and 'It's' first Deadlines, so it's time to start thinking about your Picks.

This time round we will take all the best bits from the last season, there were some honestly, tweak a few, and then expand our horizons even further as more meaningless games become a tad more meaningful and you find yourself involved in more competitions than you realised, with the chance to win cash along way.

First off though, why is it we all do this, and if you are a newbie, why should you join in.

I mean, every season I prove to myself, as we mostly do, that I know a lot less about predicting what's going to happen in the games we have a stab at, than I think I do. Mind you, in setting a team up for the BBC's own 'pundit', Chris Sutton, to compete with us, I also proved that he's no better than average, finishing 24th last time out of the 46 we had taking part.

I think we do it for the 'craic'. I think we do it because we hope we might be able to show off a little, and because above all, we love taking the p!22 out of the supporters of other clubs in the season as we share in failures they experience, with a dark sense of delight.

And along the way we've helped selected charities, by raising £2,095.60 in just a little over the last year, through a percentage of all signing on fees and additional generous donations from many of you, whilst not forgetting the massive assistance given by The Bogira Clan.

We're supporting Help For Heroes this time round, and effectively we're able to donate the equivalent of 22% of your signing on fee to the charity. For New Joiners, this is increased to 55%, meaning if you're 'ALL-IN', the charity will receive £22.80 as a result of the £40.00 signing on fee you pay. Thanks Martyn & Channy for the help in making this happen.

I'm hopeful we can top another £500 charity donation this time round.

Season 23/24

Ready then, d'acccord, here goes!

In 23/24 you'll have the choice to enter The Picks only, or to 'Go All-In' and also guess/predict the scores of 12 games each round, throughout the season, same as last time.

The Picks only option means once you've submitted them, there's nothing more to do, well you might want to review a few things in January, but you can effectively fill in your selections, and let it ride for the season if that's your preference.

And you don't even need to Pick, you can leave all the options to Lady Luck, and let your selections be randomly allocated to you.

If you're 'All-In' then in addition you will need to send your guesses in throughout the season, and you are automatically included in a few additional competitions, without having to do anything extra. Competitions that might carry a cash prize for the winner.

Your guesses each round will decide your fate not only in the League, but also in the Grand Prix Trophy, the Last Team Standing Competition and the Head2Head Leagues.

Let me explain and expand on each of the competitions, as even the past winners seem surprised when it happens 😂

The Picks

Before a ball is kicked, you will get to 'Pick' a squad for the season, made up of teams and players, home and across Europe, that you think will perform well for you.

The points won by your 'Squad' will determine where you end up in the 'Picks' table. But it's not simply picking winners that will score best, as all teams and players carry 'coefficients' that act as handicaps, looking to level the playing field a little.

So you're looking for a team that you think will out perform their handicap or a player who you think will be playing out of their skin for a more handicapped side.

For example, top goalkeeper last season was Pickford, and, if he hadn't been banned, Mitrovic would have run Haarland and Kane close, with Watkins also not far off being the Most Valuable Forward.

And this season, more categories and groups have been added.

So if you think City will perform the treble again, Pick 'em to do so. If you think Woolwich will hold their nerve this season, then select them from the dropdown, if you fancy Brighton and Villa in Europe, you can pick them both, and if you think Aussie's Going To Wembley (see what I did there), then take a punt.

If you knew that Haarland was going to be God last season, but this time you think Jesus will perform miracles, then you can pray you're right. You know Darwin Nunez will out perform Ollie Watkins, then bet on it, you think Raya will be more valuable than Martinez, that Klopp will show Pep a thing or two, or you just fancy a little bit of Company, then make your 'Picks'.

There's quite a few options to pick, all of which will win or lose you points throughout the season.

Or as mentioned before you can leave either some, or all, of the categories to chance.

Either way, the better your Picks, the more chance you'll have of winning, and a percentage of your points will feed into the League Table if you're going 'All-In'.

The League

If you're 'All-In' then the main focus remains The League.

Won last season by Saved By The Belle, The League rewards you for predicting/guessing (delete as appropriate) the scores of matches. The more successful you are, the more chance you have of claiming the Title.

Every Round, you have 12 games that you need to submit your scores for. At time of writing the plan is there will be 48 Rounds in 23/24 (this will be confirmed just before the season starts).

You get the most points for getting the score correct, if not the score then the result, and more if your result 'margin' is correct. For example if you had predicted that Spurs would lose 1-3 to Brentford, then you score high for that prediction, if you said it would be 0-2 or 2-4, you score better on that result than guessing they'd win 0-1 or 1-2 (you got the margin correct, but not the score.)

All points won will go into deciding the position in the League Table.

This season coefficients will also affect scores meaning that a Newcastle 2-0 win over Luton won't be worth as many points as a Luton 2-0 win over Newcastle. In my head that calculates right, if you manage to predict a shock score line, and have bucked the trend, you should get rewarded more for it.

And points can be increased or lost by 'Bankers', or playing 'Jokers' on games. As last season you can use 5 points every round to be on games, but there will as before be penalties for getting your 'bankers' wrong.

You can find a bit more out about how the points are calculated on this Update.

This season, for the first time, there will also be the occasional mid-week round where there is a full program of european games.

The Grand Prix

We hold two cup competitions in the Season. If you're 'All-In' you're automatically entered into both and need to do nothing extra, and might win some pennies.

In the first half of the campaign, everyone is included in The Grand Prix Trophy.

Every Round is treated like an F1 race, and teams are awarded points for the positions they finish each round. The top 10 will get points each round.

However the points ignore any 'Banker' enhancements, or penalties, and instead just reflect the basic/pure score from your prediction.

The winner of each round gets 25 points, 2nd gets 18, 3rd gets 15.

12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 & 1 are then awarded for places 4th-10th.

At the end of the Grand Prix, expected to be around 20 'races' running up to and including the Boxing Day fixtures, the Champion and Runner-Up are declared, and they win the cash on offer for this competition.

The Last Team Standing

In the second half of the season we hold The Last Team Standing Competition.

This one is a little brutal, as there's no reprieve and every round a couple of teams (left in the competition) will be eliminated for coming in the bottom places of those left in. Teams with scores of more than 20 were eliminated in a couple of rounds last season.

Eventually we will end with the final two or three left in the competition that will battle it out for the honours (and the cash). The Competition will start in January and the Final is planned for the penultimate round of the Season.

H2H Divisions

New at the end of 22/23 was the introduction of the H2H fixtures and leagues. Everyone in The League takes part

This is all about the glory, there's no cash attached to the leagues, but be a Champion and I'm sure you'll feel good about getting a shout-out when it happens, get relegated (yep I got relegated) and there will be a feeling of WTF!

Your scores each round will pitch you against another in the same Division, be converted into goals scored and points for wins and draws as well as bonus points for the actual points scored that round, and at the end of each campaign, teams are relegated and promoted between the leagues.

As I mentioned no cash, but divisional Champs will get a mention in the Hall Of Fame.

That's It

Just to reiterate, you don't need to do anything extra to be in The Grand Prix, The Last Team Standing or the H2H. Just get those 12 scores in every round before the deadline in The League.

Or at least close to the deadline.

OK, at or just after the deadline, you will get chased as it makes me feel like I've got friends I need to message on a regular basis 🙄

So here's to 23/24.

It must be my turn this season.

To get going, I need your Picks.

You can use The Picks spreadsheet below, or these links to send your Picks in

Message Me And Let Me Know You're Joining Though ASAP, especially if you're a Nee Joiner as I can add your team name to all the drop downs.

I need to do a bit of work in the background to build your 'slot', and it will give me plenty of time to do so.

And spread it around, we can always do with more joining, and also come and join the Facebook page set up for updates.

Season 23.24
Download XLSX • 89KB

The Boring Bits...

For those interested the rules and point scoring formats are described in more detail below, it's not compulsory reading.

The League

  1. There will be 12 games every round that you will need to submit your predictions/guesses (delete as appropriate) on.

  2. Deadlines will be set for the guesswork to be submitted, and once all guesses have been received then ALL guesswork will appear on the website

  3. Notification of receipt of your Guesses before the Guesswork is shown will be on the Guesses Page, or The Summary Page on the website.

  4. You can request an emailed copy of your own guesswork when you submit your Guesswork

  5. I will chase a few times before the Deadline for outstanding scores

  6. If Guesses are received after the Guesswork has been posted, no bankers will be allowed in the Round.

  7. If Guesses are received after Game 1 has kicked off, no bankers will be allowed, the results for the games that have kicked off will be treated as Wrong Guesses.

  8. The more correct scores and the more correct results you 'guess', the more points you win.

  9. A correct score will win you 9 points, plus the number of goals scored in the game (a 3-1 correct score will be worth 14 points.)

  10. In addition you will score 1 point for a clean sheet, and a player scoring more than once in the game (1 point for a couple, 2 points for 3 or more).

  11. Teams will have points deducted for negative goal differences, meaning that a team losing could cost you points.

  12. If you don't get the score right, but the margin of victory is correct, you guessed 2-0 instead of the 3-1, you'll get 4 points

  13. If you got the result right, but not the margin (you said 1-0), you'll get 2 points.

  14. Correct Draws earn you 4.5 points for each team plus the goals they score.

  15. If the game ends in a draw, and you predicted a win, then you lose no points, but if you get the outcome totally wrong, you guess a home win, and it's an away win, then you’ll lose points, equivalent to the ‘correct result points’ for this game.

  16. This will be recorded in the table as 'Wrong Result' ('WX')

  17. All points scored are then adjusted by the teams coefficients and enhanced again by 10% if the points won are in an away game.

  18. I think we’d all agree, for example, that predicting a Brentford 2-1 win at City, should carry more points than predicting a City 2-1 win at home to Brentford. The coefficients and then the away enhancement reflect this.

  19. Every round you can use 5 points to buy 'Bankers' that will increase your points you win if you're correct.

  20. An Enhanced Banker costs you 1 point. It will double the points you win. But get the prediction wrong, and as well as the point you spent, you’ll lose the ‘correct’ margin points.

  21. A Guaranteed Banker costs you 2 points, and it will triple the points you win. Get this wrong and you lose points equivalent to the correct score.

  22. 3% of all The Picks Points you win will be added to your League total.

  23. The winner will have the most points at the end of the season (48 rounds). In the event of a tie, winning amounts will be shared across the shared positions

The Picks

  1. Before the Season begins, Picks must be submitted.

  2. Deadline for the Picks will be Friday Midday (UK Time) 4th August 2023

  3. Teams you select in the Leagues can earn points in every league game they play in, calculated in the same way as the League Points above.

  4. Wins, draws, clean sheets & multiple goalscorer will all earn additional points, a defeat will result in points equivalent to the margin of the defeat being deducted.

  5. ​Coefficients will be applied to all points

  6. Wins in Domestic Cup Games will be worth the same, in the first round played, and then increase as the rounds progress, x2 round 2, x3 round 3, and so on.

  7. The result used will be the score at the end of normal time, therefore extra-time and penalties will be ignored

  8. ​Replays WILL count as additional games

  9. Teams will be awarded additional points goalscorer and clean sheets and away wins as per the League games, and coefficients will count, making 'Giant Killers' extremely valuable.

  10. Champions League and Europa League Group games will count as Round 1 Cup Games.

  11. Knock-out games will increase each round as per cup games and both legs will count as 'Individual' games..

  12. ​In the Most Valuable Goalscorer category, the first goal in a game will be worth 5 points, additional goals in the same game worth 3 points. A point for each assist will be awarded.

  13. The XG (Expected Goals) for the player for the game will be deducted from points won before coefficients are applied. No points won will result in Minus Scores if the player had an XG score.

  14. Points will then be enhanced if the game was won, reduced if the game was lost. (Minus points will be INCREASED by the coefficients)

  15. The XG factor will reward wordlies, and adjust points won for penalties being scored and missed.

  16. If a forward plays, and has a 0.00 XG (they didn't have a shot) then they will be penalised by 0.30

  17. Nominations for Goal of the Month will be worth 2 points, an additional 5 will be awarded for winning it.

  18. Choice A will carry a 10% enhancement on points won.

  19. Goalkeepers get 6 points for a clean sheet.

  20. They get a point for every save made in the game. A penalty save is worth an additional 2 points.

  21. Each goal conceded carries a 1 point penalty, and obviously the clean sheet points have gone as well

  22. Team coefficients will be taken into account.

  23. Nominations for Save of the Month will be worth 2 points, an additional 5 will be awarded for winning it.

  24. Wild Cards are new for 23/24. Players earn points for being on the pitch, goals, assists & clean sheets, the number of points depending on which positions they play. Coefficients and wins/loses will adjust points on offer.

  25. Wild Cards can be a player from any position, not already listed in a Forward or Goalkeeper drop-down list.

  26. All three Wild Card players 'MUST" play for different teams, but can play for teams Forwards or Keepers have been chosen.

  27. The window to change players will be open up to the close of the transfer window, and any 'new' player groups will be provided on request. (Forward Group A or B for example)

  28. Wild Card Players will be awarded 2 points for being Nominated as Player of the Month. An additional 5 points will be awarded for winning it.

  29. Substitutes will also be used this season.

  30. If any of your players are legitimately missing through injury, then an alternative (randomly selected before the Round begins) player will be subbed in for your points award that round.

  31. Goalkeepers will have a sub selected, even if they make the team bench, BUT DON'T get on the field of play.

  32. The 'Dirty' players win points for collecting disciplinary points

  33. Cards awarded carry points. 2 for Yellow, 2 more for second Yellow or 8 for a straight Red.

  34. ​Cards awarded for simulation and/or time wasting carry double points.

  35. Fouls committed during the games earn points, and all points are enhanced if the team wins, and reduced if the team loses.​

  36. Dirty Players will also have Subs playing, and points will be doubled if the player is missing due to a suspension picked up in the 23/24 Season.

  37. Dirty Teams will have 3 points added for a yellow card awarded against them, 5 points for a red (replacing the yellow if a second card) and 1 point per foul.

  38. Coefficients and the result will adjust the points accordingly.

  39. Managers will win points this season, the same as their team wins on match day.

  40. They will however also have 'Dirty' team points deducted, before coefficients and win enhancements are taken into account.

  41. Any manager sacked will have the points they have won pro-rated against the season, if they are sacked before the FA Cup 3rd Round you will be able to change manager as part of the 3 player changes you are allowed to make in that window.

  42. Managers Nominated for Manager of the Month will be awarded 2 points, and you guessed it, an additional 5 points will be awarded for winning it.

  43. Managers leaving to move to other Premier League clubs, will THEN win the points won by the new club, from their first game in charge.

  44. The window open at FA Cup 3rd Round weekend will allow you to make up to 3 (THREE) changes to players/managers in your squad. The same rules for selection will apply as above.

  45. The final three groups for selection, need an estimate from you for the number of cards awarded in the Premier League season, (Reds count as 2), the number of goals scored in the Premier League Season, and the number of points won by all of us in The League this season.

  46. There will be 50 points on offer for the nearest to the correct number in each category, and points will be calculated on a pro-rata basis (so they will be allocated from Round 1, as a 1/48th)

  47. Most important rule last. It is all just for a bit of fun really, and ultimately, whatever I say, goes.

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