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Points will be awarded/deducted for the following


Guessing The Scores


You will 'Predict' the score for every game played in the tournament. The more games you 'guess' right, the more points you win.

A correct score will win you 10 points, plus the number of goals scored in the game (a 3-1 correct score will be worth 14 points.) If you don't get the score right, but the margin of victory is correct, you guessed 2-0 instead of the 3-1, you'll get 4 points, if you got the result right, but not the margin (you said 1-0), you'll get 2 points.  Points will be added for multiple goalscorer and clean sheets.  If a player scores 2, that's an additional point, if he scores 3 or more, it's worth 5 points. (Penalties in shoot-outs do not count).

Points will increase in the knock-out rounds to 15 for a win in R4, 20 in R5, 100 in QF, 200 in the Semis, then 500 in The Final.  Points will increase for results as well.  


You will need to bet points against every game, the minimum in Round 3 is 3, Round 4 is 40 increasing each round, there is also a maximum per game of 30 in Round 3, 40 in Round 4, increasing each round. 

If you don't have enough points for the minimum bet, then the bets will be the average of the pot you have left.

The Score/Result will be the score at the end of play (including extra-time). Penalty shoot-outs will be ignored, so draws are possible in all games.

A clean sheet is worth 3 points, but points are deducted for any cards awarded against, 1 for yellow, 2 for yellow followed by a red, 3 for a straight red.  Where games go into extra time, the full 120 minutes play is included.

All points will be adjusted by the team coefficients and away wins will attract a 10% bonus.

Everyone starts with 320 points.

The points you win in the 'Picks Section' will earn you additional points in this Competition.  5% of the 'Picks' Points won will be added to your total.

The winner will have the most points, in the event of a tie, positions will be settled by the % of results you get correct in all the games you submit predictions for, if still level, the 'Picks' points will be removed..

Games (Picks Competition)


Teams you select will all win you points. Your 'A' Choice will have all points won or lost increased by 10%.

Points will be awarded in the same way as above.

The Most Valuable Goalscorer

Goals will be worth 5 points, unless it's a penalty, in which case it's 2 points.  Assists will be worth one point each.

All points will then be adjusted by the difference in coefficients between the teams.  A win will increase points by 30%, a defeat reduce points by 30%.

And the value of the goals and assists will double each round.

Penalty Shoot-Out Goals will not count.

The Most Valuable GoalKeeper

Clean Sheets are obviously important, and are worth 5 points to a Goalkeeper. (Defenders will win 3 points, a Midfielder 2 points and a Forward 1). Keepers will also get additional points for every save made in the game.  A penalty save is worth double.

Each goal conceded carries a 1 point penalty for the Keeper, and team coefficients will be taken into account, as well as the result of the game.

As with goal scorers, the points will double each round.

For Keepers, saves made in the penalty shoot-outs will be awarded points.

Wild Cards

Points will be awarded for time on the pitch, goals, assists, clean sheets, and deducted for cards awarded.

Coefficients and the results will affect the points won.  You can pick any Defender or Forward as your Wild Cards.

Goals & Cards

Closest to the number of goals scored and cards awarded will win 100 points.  2nd will get 8, 3rd 60, 4th 40, 5th 20 and 6th 10 for each.

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