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Sprints are 'One-Off' contests, open to anyone and everyone, and usually run over 2/3 sets of fixtures during the week.  You just need to send in the entry fee and your guesses, and then sit back and hope!! The pot will usually be split between first and second at the end of the contest, and also results in the winner being 'etched' into the Roll Of Honour.
The Magnificent 7 is more a 1500 metre race than a Sprint.  As we come into the Final Seven weeks of the Competition, many of us, myself included, are left playing for honour, so why not put a little more 'spice' into it.  A chance for a final dash for glory, and for any 'Newbies' to join us.

So 7 rounds, 84 games, five banker points per round. 

£5.00 gets you in.  Winner(s) take all.

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