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FA Cup 2023/24 Competition

Updated: Jan 8

The third round draw has now been made, and we're ready for the FA Cup Competition.

The last few years I've messed with the format in this competition, for a couple of reasons.

  • I've been working out the fairest (and TBH) easiest way for me to manage it alongside the main competition, whilst hopefully making it interesting, and

  • I've been desperately inventing different sections to see if I can have any chance of winning any of them.

As I've decided Point 2 above has yielded no beneficial outcome to my chances of success, regardless of what I try, I've decided the format for the FA Cup 23/24 main competition will be based on the tried and tested 'Sprint' format that many of us join in when they are run during the season.

In addition, there will also be a Head2Head knock-out competition, and prize money will be spread over both sections.

I've also this year, broadened the scope a little, and, from the Quarter-Finals onwards the Scottish FA Cup fixtures will become part of the guesswork, and the Final round will include European Finals.

A lot more straight forward than before. I'm sure that the last three winners, Kanu Feel It, Stalking Tall and Chips & Gravy will be in the mix again.

So here's a bit more detail.

FA Cup Competition.

Points for each game will be awarded in-line with the points that are awarded in the main competition.

There will be

  • 9 points for a win, plus the goals scored in the game

  • A clean sheet is worth an additional point

  • If a player scores 2 goals in the game, that's worth an extra point

  • If they score a hat-trick or more it's worth 3 points.

  • A penalty point is awarded for every goal a team loses by.

  • A draw is worth the average of the teams points. 4 points are awarded plus the goals scored, plus all the additional possible points above.

  • Points won away from home are enhanced by 10%.

As per the main competition this season, that's not the end of it as team coefficients will also kick-in.

AND (notice that's in capitals so clearly an important 'and'), points will increase each round a team progresses by.

Let's use a 3rd Round game as an example of how the scoring might pan out, and look at Wigan drawn at home to Manchester United. The points on offer for a Wigan win are 3 times more valuable than United, as they will be playing in their 3rd round whereas United will be competing in their first. AND (another one), the coefficients kick in on top, with United at 1.09 and Wigan at 3.04.

As an example, in this tie, a 1-0 home win for Wigan is worth 92 points, a draw is worth 21 points, a 1-0 United win is worth 4.34......

BUT, bold and underlined, Bankers if you get them wrong will hurt, as you could end up with MINUS the Wigan win points!!!!

Points are calculated at the end of normal time, extra-time and penalties are discounted, as are any goalscorer additional points, or goals conceded, and for those familiar with the main competition, bankers are on offer, and are unlimited from the start to the end.

Draws are therefore a distinct possibility, and any replays contested, will be included and guesses made for the results.

Once the pot is known, the winnings will be announced, but as per the previous 3 seasons it's likely to be paid out to the top three teams, with a higher percentage of the pot going to the main competition.

And there's more.

FA Cup H2H

Alongside the main competition there will be a H2H competition, based on the points you score each round.

This competition will include every team entering the main competition, and pitch you against other teams in groups of 3 or 4 in the early rounds, progressing into knock-out rounds nearer the Final.

The points you score will be converted to 'goals' in the round. You will be going up against an opponent, and awarded points for wins and draws in the group stage.

In the Knock-Out stages, if the game is drawn, then both teams will progress to the next round.

The Final will be decided by actual points scored in the Final Round, highest scorer winning.

Teams will be seeded, and allocated into Groups, decided by positions in the Main Competition, when Big Ben strikes 12 to bring in 2024, and any new additions will be added to the bottom of the list as they join. Teams will then be allocated Group Placings (A, B, C, etc).

I was toying with a big Champions League style group draw, but in the end thought, nah!

Wanna Join

Let's make it nice and easy. A simple thumbs up on the WhatsApp message gets you in. Or email or message me, or just simply complete your guesses for the 3rd Round when they come out, and in the team drop down, if your team name isn't there, select 'New Team' and confirm your details and Team Name in the Comments section.

£20.00 gets you in.

As before, a percentage of all joining fees will be paid across to charity.

I've picked the Bradley Lowery Foundation this time round, I'm sure as footy fans we all remember him....

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