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United By Football....

Updated: Apr 27

United in the Heart Of Europe.

Own up, who knew that was the Slogan for this year's Euros. I didn't, found it by mistake, and thought why not use it. Anyway.......

Welcome to my ‘Euros 24’ Competition. 60 of us have been involved in the last footy season, so If you’ve joined straight from there you’ll have a good idea of what this competition is going to entail.

OK, it's probably more likely you won't.

If you’ve joined because you’ve been seduced into joining from either the F1 competition, or the England Cricket competition, I’m running over the Summer, or the previous Summer Competitions run over the last couple of years, but never joined a footy competition before, then welcome.

If you’ve been worn down by constant FaceBook, Messenger, WhatsApp and/or Peer Pressure, then, also, bienvenue.

However you’ve come to find out about it, thanks for taking the time to have a look, and thanks for joining. The first thing you've done by joining is help us donate money to the charity picked for the summer competitions this time round, MacMillan Cancer Support.

I'm hoping we will be able to get close to £500.00 donated from signing on fees and additional contributions from you all, which will bring funds raised over the last 24 months to £4,000.00 from the competitions run in that time, across a number of different charities,

The plan for the Euros is to hopefully make this a little bit more interactive than a good old-fashioned wall chart, and at the same time to make the more uninspiring games (Turkey v Georgia comes to mind), a lot more meaningful, and also to add even more jeopardy to the games that are going to matter.

This is what's in store during the Euros.

Like most of the footy competitions I run, I’ve made it a game of ‘Two Halves’.

Let me explain starting with the first part of the competition, which will need to be completed before a ball is kicked on the 14th of June when the Germans take on Scotland.

In the selections for this ’half’ you will need to pick

  • The Winner

  • The Runner-Up

  • Two Teams to qualify for the Knock-Out Stages from each group

    • So 12 in total that you'll be hoping will win you points through the competition

    • These MUST include your Winner and Runner-Up

  • Three Forwards

    • At least one must play in the Premier League

    • At least one must play outside the Premier League

    • The ‘Key’ names will be on a drop-down list, but you will be able to nominate any not on that list

  • Three Other Players, you can pick defenders, goalkeepers or midfielders

    • At least one in the Premier League, and at least one outside.

    • The ‘key’ names will again appear in a drop-down but you will be free to nominate

  • Two Premier League teams that will provide players that will star/appear in the games, when the teams you pick are represented by players in the competition, you will win points. (also from drop-down lists)

  • Two teams from outside the Premier League that will provide players.

  • You will also make guesses at

    • the total number of goals scored, (not including penalty shoot-outs)

    • the number of own goals scored,

    • the number of penalties (including those in shoot-outs) scored and the number missed (including shoot-outs)

    • The number of Yellow and Red Cards awarded (Red Cards count as 2 regardless if second yellow or straight red)

    • The sum of all the England Shirt Numbers to make it on to the playing field throughout the competition (If we played 1-11 every game, no subs, and got to the Final, the total is 66 by 7, 462!!!)

All of the above will earn you points from the first kick to the last. And the winner will have accumulated the most points as a result of the countries, players, teams they’ve selected and let’s face it with the last lot of predictions, just good old fashion Luck😳

I will confirm on 14th June, but it's likely that the prizes will be spread across the top 3 places in this half of the competition.

Then, for those that dare, we move into the Main Competition, and predicting the scores of all of the games played from Game 1 all the way through to the final.

If you've played before, you'll know the format, if not then here's a quick guide to what you need to do in the Main Competition

  • The group games will be split into three sets (12 games in each set)

  • There will then be a set of 8 games in the first knockout round, then 4 in quarter finals, 2 in the semi finals and then finally the final

  • You will predict/guess (you delete as appropriate) the score for each game

  • You win points for getting the score correct, or at least the result right, and you can 'Bank' on the one you know will definitely happen.

  • BUT, get your guess completely wrong, you think Scotland will beat the host nation, and Germany win, you'll get penalised, and get those 'bankers' wrong, then that's going to hurt.

  • Teams will have coefficients, a 2-0 win for Scotland is worth more points than a 2-0 win for Germany, and points will increase each round as we get closer to the final.

  • And, 10% of the points you win in the picks will feed into your points won from the games played.

I will confirm on 14th June the prizes, but again expect them to be spread across the top 3 (maybe 4) in this half of the competition, with more of the pot allocated at outset.

We're a little over 45 days away from the first Deadline, and the build has started for the Picks, which will be opened once the squads have been announced.

For now though, just let me know if you fancy joining in.

£25.00 gets you into BOTH the Picks and then the Main Competition.

£15.00 will get you into the Picks only, whether you're making Picks or not.

Just fill in the form below me and let me know that you want in. If you're an existing player, just pick your team name from the dropdown list under the Team Name. If you're New, select New Player from the dropdown, and then fill in your Team Name and contact details.

Then let me know which option you want to join, and submit.

You're then on my radar. I will be in touch nearer the start of it all, and then arrange joining fees being sent across etc....

And feel free to share this around. The more the merrier

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