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Sprints are 'One-Off' contests, open to anyone and everyone, and usually run over 2/3 sets of fixtures during the week.  You just need to send in the entry fee and your guesses, and then sit back and hope!! The pot will usually be split between first and second at the end of the contest, and also results in the winner being 'etched' into the Roll Of Honour.

The first Sprint for Season 23/24 focused on the Carabao Cup and was won by The Sprint King, Stalking Tall.   Sprint Two then focused on Internationals, European and League Games and was won by, yep, Stalking Tall.

There's 2 sets of fixtures for Sprint 3, European and Championship games in the main.

So 3 nights, 32 games, as many bankers as you want. £5.00 gets you in.  Winner(s) take all.  Links to the sets of fixtures are below, with the deadline.  Updates will start as and when the first game kicks off, and the Guesswork and Tables will be shown below


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