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No sooner did TumbleDwyer win the second Sprint of 22/23, does Sprint 3 of Season 22/23 come along.

I say a sprint it's more a middle distance race as 48 games, mainly Internationals, are combined for this contest, over a week of football.  

4 sets of fixtures

As many bankers as you want, yep there's "no no, no no no no, no no no no, no no there's no limit!".

£5.00 gets you in.  Winner takes all, Just let me know if you want in.

Links to the fixtures can be found in the Menu Bar above, on the Sprint Link, updates will start as and when the first game kicks off.

The Links to the rest of the Sets can be found here:

Set 2 - Deadline - Saturday 25 March Midday


Set 3 - Deadline - Sunday 26 March Midday

Set 4 - Deadline - Monday 27 March 6PM (UK)

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