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Season 2022/23... Blood, Sweat & Beers

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Just as one Season draws to an end, and Lard Lovers XI plan on how to spend the winnings they secured, the rest of us can look beyond the 100 Days of Summer in front of us, and turn our thoughts to the 22/23 Footy Season, and hopes of better things to come.

I have started building Season 22/23, as with the World Cup taking up six weeks in November and December, there's an earlier start this time round.

Season 22/23 will run for 45 Rounds again, and 12 'Guesses' will be needed for each round.

In addition, Teams will also need to decide whether to pick teams and players from an initial list of categories, or just rely on the luck of the draw for this input. These picks will then, similar to the 100 Days of Summer format, require no additional input from you, but will contribute to your points tally.

Entry into the League' will be £40.00, and the winnings will be split across the top places in the final league table, two cup competitions, and the highest scoring round, as for 21/22. The Points earned from the 'initial input’ will also earn you bonus points that you will be added to your League Points Total, and will run as a standalone competition.

Players will be able to enter this contest only, should they not want to be part of the Main Competition, and avoid needing to submit scores weekly.

The Entry fee will be £15.00, and all your teams and players will be decided at outset, and their performances will determine how you get on. Effectively, like The Summer, it’s a Lottery.

There will be no need for any additional input from you from the start of the contest, you can rely purely on luck, instead of judgement.

Although, you will be able to make a number of choices should you wish', and these will need to be made before the random allocations are decided.

As with the Summer Competition, 10% of all entry fees collected will be donated to Charity. This Season we will support Prostate Cancer UK.

The initial catergories at the time of writing are

  • Premier League Teams

  • Championship Teams

  • League One Team

  • League Two Team

  • National League Team

  • Women's Super League Team

  • Scottish Premier League Team

  • FA Cup Teams

  • Caribou Cup Teams

  • Women's FA Cup Teams

  • Scottish FA Cup Teams

  • Champions League Teams

  • Europa Cup Teams

  • Premier Most Valuable Goalscorer

  • Championship Goalscorer

  • Premier League Golden Glove

  • Dirtiest Premier League Player

  • Dirtiest Premier League Team

  • European Fantasy Super League

  • Your 'Own' League Table (6 or more players)

More detail on the categories, and how the points will be calculated in each, will be provided in the coming weeks.

All I need to know for now, is are you joining us.

Selections in the Lottery section will need to be finalised before the new season gets underway on 30th July 2022, when the bulk of the leagues kick off, with the Premier League starting a week later.

If you're a player in Season 21/22, you will be able to confirm your inclusion when you submit your last set of Guesswork for this season.

If you're joining for the first time, just quickly complete the Entry Form below.

One things for certain, it will be here sooner than we think!!

(Strictly speaking, that's last statement’s not true, unless we think it will be here at the beginning of July, in which case our thinking is floored, but the 30th July will be here, when the 30th July gets here, after the days between now and then have passed, no quicker...... It's a bit like the shortest day and the longest day.... they're not, their the same length of time as the other days....)

Stevie P

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