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Update (Friday 8th December)

We've another fast turnaround as R22 ends and the deadline for R23 is less than 36 hours away.

Everton's win last night means they have now collected 10 more points this season than last, in the same games, 3 more than Chelsea (next best). Man City meanwhile are 10 points worse off, and despite being 3 points worse off, Arsenal would have won the league if it ended today...  

The WolfPack had a great R22, with 3 correct scores including England's 6-0 win, topping both the league points and the Grand Prix Points.  They edged out Stalking Tall, who banked Liverpool's 2-0, in the league points by the smallest of margins, with Chelsea Hawks just behind. Multiple Scoregasms ate further into the lead held by 2 T'Wire at the top of the table.

As mentioned, The WolfPack also took maximum points on The Grand Prix, with Scoregasms and Munchingflapjack joining them on the podium this round.  The win and second place were enough to push The WolfPack to the top overall, and Multiple Scoregasms into 2nd place above Super Poch. 4 rounds to go until the winner is declared, that's 100 points up for grabs, and there's currently 99 points between 1st and Last Place!!!!.

The mid-week Picks saw Footie Flounder benefit most, Roburetti Rovers and One Day In Your Life also scored well.  Lard Lovers XI is now just a little over 50 points from Racing Todabogs in the table.

In the H2H, Red Dogs, MC11 and Ally's Army still hold top spots in their leagues, whilst Stalking Tall have move ahead in the Premier.

R22 is on the web...  with a Tuesday 6PM deadline.  If you have issues with sending them in on laptop or iPad, clear your cache and cookies, and this should sort the problem.  Worked this end.
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