Update (Wednesday 23rd November)

We're 12 games in, and have completed Set 1.   All the Guesswork for Set 2 is also in and will be posted.

We've still got to see Brazil, Uruguay, South Korea, Germany and Argentina turn up.

Amazing scenes as Saudi Arabia and Japan show that none of the games are a given, and have meant that there's been penalty points flying around all over the place.  Argentina cost 222 points to the group as everyone had Messi on the winning side, and so as everyone got it so wrong they lost points, and those placing bankers, lost big time.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Nil holds the early lead in the main competition.  One correct score though can change everything.  

Chips & Gravy hold an early lead in The Picks, but with two Groups yet to start, and Brazil not yet feature in the points, this could all change tomorrow.

Spain's 7-0 win today has scored the most points so far (19.29), just pipping England's 6-2 win (18.10).  


All the points are calculated taking into account the win, the opponent, goals scored, players that score more than once, clean sheets and then deductions for cards received.

Barcelona are the best represented 'Team' so far, ahead of Man City and Bayern.

Deadline to enter Set 3 of your score predictions for those in the 'Main Competition' is Saturday 10pm.


They are on the website now.     I will chase you.....

I have sent across the money to be donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital, and will confirm the amount when we've had the final contribution confirmed with Tax Credits etc....   A nudge though to those yet to send your Signing On fee across to me though if you haven't done so yet.