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Season 23/24 is done, and the site devotes it's home page from now until the end of July to The Euros.


If this is your first visit, don't be shy, have a click around the links above, there's an explanation (well I think it's an explanation some will beg to differ) and some Useful Stuff that confirmed the countries ranking in the tournament.


There's even a Rules Document for those that can't sleep and need something to help.


The short and the long of it, this is a footy competition that gets you to nominate the countries you think will get out of the group stages, the players you think will shine and the clubs that will be best represented.


Then, just guess the scores of the games.


Best one wins.


And, as always, a percentage of the money from everyone that joins goes to charity, and this summer we're supporting MacMillan Cancer Support.

A percentage of all the signing on fees, from here and the England Cricket Competition running this summer, plus any additional contributions will be paid to MacMillan.  The Total currently stands at


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