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Update (Monday 25th September)​


R9 was a 'Round of Two Halves', the first half, Saturday saw hardly any points scored, and Brentford scupper the accumulator this time round, whilst Sunday suddenly had points being scored all over the place.  Bankers on Brighton and Liverpool's 3-1 wins saw big points being added to totals for the season.

2 T'Wire not only stay top of the table, but extended the lead with the biggest score this round.  Munchingflapjack and Chips & Gravy also scored 'big'.  Inter Row-Z are still 2nd in the table, but less than half a point ahead of 3rd place Munching....

Addicks leap frogged Racing Todabogs at the top of The Picks. Lard Lovers XI leap frogged Ant But No Dec, and The WolfPack, Kanu Feel It, RonalDeanio & Red Dogs all climbed into the top 10

2 T'Wire took Race 9, The WolfPack took 2nd place, with Munching 3rd.   Inter Row-Z stay top, MC11 finished 4th in R9, and moved them up to 2nd overall.

2 T'Wire stay top of the Premier H2H, Multpile Scoregasms stay top in the Championship H2H.  Paqueta Of Crisps have hit top spot in League 1, ahead of Kanu Feel It

There's a mid-week Sprint if you fancy it.  Deadline is tomorrow 5PM

Round 10 has a Saturday 11AM deadline.

I will chase you


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