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All the Guesswork from everyone will appear below, as soon as everyone has sent their Guesswork in.  Until then the site will continue to show 5 Red Lights. It will switch to the Host Nations flag when all the guesswork is showing. If your tam name is in red, on a yellow back ground, I ain't got your stuff yet.

Also as the results come in, they will appear a the bottom of the table, and any success you have will be colour coded.

Get your result spot on, and your 'Guess' will be coloured Green.  With the Driver positions, if you're a place out, then if you're one below, your guess is first but you said it would be second, it will get a yellow coding.  If it's below where you said, you said second, it comes in third, it's coded pinkish.  Here's an example

Screenshot 2024-03-03 at 10.26.17.png
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