The Points....

Points will be awarded/deducted for the following occurrences in each of the following sections of rate competition in Season 22/23.


Guessing The Scores


You will 'Predict' the score for every game played in the tournament. The more games you 'guess' right, the more points you win.

A correct score will win you 10 points, plus the number of goals scored in the game (a 3-1 correct score will be worth 14 points.) If you don't get the score right, but the margin of victory is correct, you guessed 2-0 instead of the 3-1, you'll get 4 points, if you got the result right, but not the margin (you said 1-0), you'll get 2 points.  Points will be added for multiple goalscorer and clean sheets.  If a player scores 2, that's an additional point, if he scores 3 or more, it's worth 5 points. (Penalties in shoot-outs do not count). There's 6 points for a draw in the Group Games.

A clean sheet is worth 3 points, but points are deducted for any cards awarded against, 1 for yellow, 2 for yellow followed by a red, 3 for a straight red.  Where games go into extra time, the full 120 minutes play is included.

Every round you can use 5 points to buy 'Bankers' that will increase your points scored, if you're correct.

An Enhanced Banker costs 1 point, and will double the points you win.  But get the prediction wrong, and as well as the point you spent, you lose points, which will be calculated by how far you got it wrong.  All the factors that you win for getting scores and results right, will be used against you.  The points won by the results you effectively betted against (halved) will be deducted.

A Guaranteed Banker costs 2 points, and will triple the points you win.  Get this wrong and you lose all the points you betted against.

All points will be adjusted by the countries FIFA coefficients.  As an example of this, England's handicap is 1.065, Wales is 1.173.  Points won by England in the game on 29 November would be worth 90.79% of the base points (they are playing inferior opponents), whereas Wales points would be worth 110.14% of the base points. 

The points you win the 'Picks Section' will earn you additional points in this Competition.  5% of the 'Picks' Points won will be added to your total.

The winner will have the most points, in the event of a tie, positions will be settled by the % of results you get correct in all the games you submit predictions for, if still level, the 'Picks' points will be removed..

Group & Knock Out Games (Lottery Competition)


Countries you select from the Group Stages, Premier League teams and European teams you think will be well represented in the competition, will all win you points.  Your First Group Choice will have all points won or lost increased by 10%.

Points will be awarded in the same way as above.

The points on offer for a win though will double for each knock-out stage, with NO points being offered for a draw.  20 points will be on offer in Round of 16, 40 in the QFs, 80 in the Semis, and 120 in The Final.

In the event of a game going to penalties,  65% of the points will go to the winner and 35% to the loser, adjusted by coefficients.

Premier League and European team players will be rewarded for the time they spend on the pitch, if they are on the winning team, any goals, assists or clean sheets they are part of, and the coefficients of the teams taking place. will go towards the points earned by their clubs.  

Points will be deducted for cards they pick up, and reduced if they are on the losing team.

The Most Valuable Goalscorer

Goals will be worth 5 points, unless it's a penalty, in which case it's 2 points.  Assists will be worth one point each.

All points will then be adjusted by the difference in coefficients between the teams.  A win will increase points by 30%, a defeat reduce points by 30%.

And the value of the goals and assists will increase each round, worth 10 in the Round of 16, worth 15 in the QF, worth 25 in the Semi-Final and worth 50 in the Final.

Penalty Shoot-Out Goals will not count.

The Most Valuable GoalKeeper

Clean Sheets are obviously important, and are worth 5 points to a Goalkeeper. (Defenders will win 3 points, a Midfielder 2 points and a Forward 1). Keepers will also get additional points for every save made in the game.  A penalty save is worth double.

Each goal conceded carries a 1 point penalty for the Keeper, and team coefficients will be taken into account, as well as the result of the game.

As with goal scorers, the points will increase at the same rates in the knock-out stages, worth 10, then 15, then 25, then 50.

For Keepers, saves made in the penalty shoot-outs will be awarded points.


Refs get rewarded for handing out cards, 2 for Yellow, 4 more for second Yellow or 8 for a straight Red.

They will also win 10 points for any VAR decision that supports their on field decision, but suffer a 5 point penalty for any decision reversed.

Their points will double for each knock-out stage game they officiate in.