World Cup 2022 Competition

Updated: Oct 22

We're into the final few weeks before the 2022 World Cup gets underway in Qatar.

Despite all the scandal and bad press, despite the fears over the heat and the environment the games will be played under, despite Italy, the Scots and the Irish not making it there, the competition will go ahead.

If you're off to the games, then you'll be watching them without a beer, so I guess most will be watching from home. And if so, while enjoying the morning cup of tea, or the lunchtime beer, why not join in this Competition as well.

It has two parts, the first section has you needing to make guesses and selections of the countries you fancy to do well in the competition, the best represented Premier League and European club teams at the Competition, the best goalscorers and goalkeepers, and a few more twists.

The second section is all about guessing the scores to each of the games being played. The more scores you get correct, the more results you 'nail', the more points you will score.

The top teams in both sections will win the cash prizes on offer.

World Cup Picks

Section 1 is all about the picks you make before the competition gets underway.

These Picks will earn you points, and the player with the most points will win the competition.

You will need to Pick 2 Countries from each group, points will be awarded for wins and draws, goals scored, goals conceded and clean sheets kept and deducted for yellow cards and red cards received.

In addition you will need to pick the country you think will win the tournament, and the country you think will be runner-up. The points these countries collect in the games above will be trebled for the country you have picked as the winner, and doubled for your runner-up.

In addition you will pick 2 goal scorers and 2 goal keepers. Goal scorers will pick up points for goals scored, although penalties will be worth half points, and assists will add points as well. Goal keepers will win points for clean sheets and all saves they make. Penalty saves will count double. Keepers will have points deducted for goals conceded.

All players will have points deducted for cards against them, and points will be awarded in 30 minute periods of extra time played. Penalties scored in shoot-outs will not count.

For all countries and players, FIFA coefficients will be taken into account. This will reward the lesser countries more for any points they win.

Brazil have the highest ranking with 1841.30 points so all the competing teams will be benchmarked against this. Switzerland are in Brazil's group. They have a ranking of 1635.92. Switzerland therefore have a co-ef of 1.126 against Brazil's 1.000, and a Switzerland win against Brazil would be worth 12.5% more points for them than a win against a country with a similar co-ef. .

Referees will always win you points for cards awarded, for penalties awarded, and for decisions that go to VAR, but then support the refs decisions.

If decisions by referees are over-turned by VAR, then there will be points deducted, even if we all know the VAR decision is shite!!

Finally, you will need to pick 2 Premier League Teams and 2 European Teams. Every player that plays in the competition for the teams you select will win points for the time spent on the pitch, wins and draws, goals scored, assists, clean sheets and more, but also points will be deducted for cards, losses and goals conceded. With co-efs taken into account.

All the points will added as the tournament progresses, and the top teams will win the cash prizes for 'The Picks' section.

10% of all the Picks points will be added to the points won by predicting the scores of all the games in Section 2 of the competition.

World Cup Games

Guessing the score of every game correct will win you 7 points, plus the number of goals scored, adjusted by the coefficients.

3 points are on offer for the correct margin, but wrong score, 2 points on offer for the correct result.

And you'll have 'Bankers' you can use, which will increase points won, or, deduct points if you get the result wrong.

All you need to do is complete your Initial Picks and, the first three sets of games are being built in the background, and will be available in a couple of weeks time. You can change any of your 'Picks' before the first ball is kicked in the tournament.

Plenty of time to share with anyone else you think may be up for the challenge. The more the merrier!!!

If you have any queries, fill free to add them after your team name in the form below, and I will get back to you.

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