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Updated: Jun 30

Picking teams and players at the beginning of the season, to manage and win the Initial Selection Section, may not hinge purely on which teams are going to win the League, or the Cup.

It might come down to a judgement on value of the results from the teams, especially with the 'Handicaps' coming into play. As their fans let us know, City & Liverpool are far superior to the rest of the teams in the Premier League, and the Handicaps they therefore carry may drag them back into the pack.

To provide a 'snap-shot' of this, I've taken last season's results, for the opening games of this season, and taking account of the scores, and cards awarded in the games, worked out how points would be awarded in the Initial Selections Section this time round.

Chelsea fans look away, Palace fans rejoice.

Chelsea go to Everton opening day of the season, a game they lost last season 1-0.

You get no points for losing, but you don't get hammered on goal difference in this table for a defeat either.

BUT, 5 (FIVE) yellow cards for Cheatski would have resulted in them collecting a 5 point penalty for this game.

Palace on the other hand had no yellow cards in a 3-0 win over Woolwich last season. 7 points for a win, and the bonus points for the winning margin would have given them 10 points.

However, Woolwich have a lower handicap than Palace, and so the points are enhanced by the difference in the handicap, 0.2, resulting in 12 points for the win for Palace.

If Arsenal had won, they would have seen the points reduced to 8 for the same victory. (They would have lost 2 points for the bookings they picked up).

But you'd expect Arsenal to win that game, wouldn't you!!!

Last season, City drew 2-2 away to West Ham. City's handicap is 0.4, West Ham carry 0.6, so not a huge difference between them, and 2 points for a draw should have resulted in similar points being awarded. But the yellow card City picked up cost them a point.

West Ham, on the other hand, gained an extra 2 points as one player (Jarrod Bowen) scored more than once, but yellow cards also hurt them.

Liverpool played Burnley (not Fulham) in the game for the above fixtures. Liverpool at 0.4, carry a huge handicap dis-advantage over Burnley/Fulham at 1.00. The 1-0 win (worth 8 points) results in a credit of 3.2 points, but Henderson's yellow card cost them 1 of these points.

If Fulham were to beat Liverpool by 1-0 though, and not pick up any cards, the 7 points plus 1 for the margin, 8 points, would be enhanced by 60%, awarding Fulham 12.8 points for the win (versus Liverpool's 3.2).

But Fulham will never beat Liverpool, will they.........

So when making your initial selections, you might need to do some head-scratching before finally submitting your 'Squad'.

All choices will need to be made by 6PM on Friday 29th July, when all the 'Squads' will be posted on the web-site.

And if you want to leave it all to chance, you can do so, and your 'Squad' will be randomly allocated for you, and your selections posted on the web-site at the same time.

You can make amendments on any initial selections sent in, right up to the Deadline, but get registered ASAP and I can make sure you're entered ready for the off.

If you want to join us, then follow either of the links below, or just message me, and I can make sure you're in.

If you can be bothered, you can read more about the Initial Competition here.

And if you want to start making your Selections, then just click here to go to the On-Line Entry Form

And if you want some data to help you make your picks, click here.

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