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The Battle of Mid-Way

Actually, I think we're more than midway, but it seemed like a good heading to go with.

I've been meaning to add a more detailed update on The Picks, as well as some other plans for the end of 22/23, and Summer Thoughts!!

Currently top of the League are Red Devils, by a few points from 2 T'Wire.

Red Devils have been telling me for years that they're going to win this. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps this time round they might. 2 T'Wire joined this season, introduced by Obi Wan - Kenobi Nil who also are newbies, and I'm sure there's some banter between them battling at the top.

It's also interesting to see the 'other' consistent challengers now moving towards the summit.

The top 3 from last season, Lard Lovers XI, Bachman & Robin and Saved By The Belle are all now in the top 12, and one good round away from the cash places, and the 20/21 winner, RonalDeanio is also just off the pace, as is the runner-up from that season, GraniteCity Fox.

Stalking Tall (usually a Sprint specialist), TumbleDwyer and Boys of Ann Summers, with Addicks Fan make up the top group.

The Picks however has a different look.

As a reminder, The Picks is going to be decided by all the choices made before a ball was kicked, we all selected teams from all the divisions we thought would perform well, as well as teams we hoped would do well in the cups, and players we thought would shine. We even had teams from Europe to watch in the league and Champions League and Europa Cup. As cups reach the later stages, points for wins increase, and if your pick is still in the running, then so will the points you win. 5% of the points you win in The Picks, feeds into the Main Competition table.

Racing Todabogs had a grip of the competition, but have been caught recently, with Stalking Tall (the sprinter!) now heading the table.

Man Utd 4 The Win currently hold 3rd, just above Conerquistcoadyors and No Trophy Wife, with Bachman & Robin and Pembers Pick also close company.

I guess the question I have is how many remember what selections they made. I run the thing and I don't remember mine!!

The good news is they're all on the website. And if you fancy checking, here's the link.

There's still a long way to go, and cup points could be key, so backing Chelsea, Liverpool or Arsenal in the FA Cup this year wasn't a good call, the same's true for backing Barcelona in the Champions League.

We have the Last Team Standing Competition running at the moment. Effectively we drop the worse two teams each week, and will eventually end up with two battling for the title. The last two will split the pot, obviously more to the winner. The final is due to take place in R40.

And coming up, I'm about to split every team into divisions, and they will then go Head2Head over the coming weeks against all the other teams in the same division. The split will be decided by League Positions, with new teams added to the bottom division, and the winners of our new Premier League will be crowned as Champions at the end of the season.

It's for fun only, purely Kudos only to be earned. The bottom teams from the divisions will be relegated, the top two promoted, and I will run this in the background from now on, with promotion and relegation expected every 15/16 weeks.

And it's a chance for new teams to enter, and be part of this. Four have joined in the last couple of days, and there's plenty of room for more.

For the four that have joined, I've pitched you Head2Head with the teams that introduced you in 'pre-season friendlies' and this is how you faired this Round.

Hotel? Thiago v Chips & Gravy 1-12

I Should Be So Lucky v 2 T'Wire 6-6

Multiple Scoregasms v Sons Of Pitches 13-5

Inter Row-Z v Obi Wan - Kenobi Nil 16-2

Here's A Link to send to anyone you feel should be bullied into joining.

Free to join for the rest of this season.

And let's not forget Summer...... After last years madness I will run something again, will probably not cover as many sports, but watching the cricket, tennis, and seeing the F1 is about to get going again, fell that I should have something going on to fill the summer void.

Any Feedback Welcome, and let me know new joiner details.

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