100 Days of Summer Sports Competition

Updated: Apr 30

The Football season ends soon, what am I going to do then to keep me out of trouble!!

I know, let's cobble together a Summer Sports Competition, a Compendium of Sports, a Celebration of Racquets, Bats, Clubs and Balls, all played when it's sunny and not raining, in the months between the end of the Footy Season, and the start of the next one.

In fact let's make it a Lottery anyone can have a go at, and you don't need any in-depth sporting knowledge to be involved in, or in fact win

Actually, let's even let them overlap a little bit.

Included are Golf, Formula 1, Tennis, Test Cricket and Limited Overs Cricket, Women's Euro 2022, Baseball, Horse Racing and The Commonwealth Games.

Below are the details. I'll gladly take any suggestions for any other sports that should be considered.

Entry at Ground Level will be £15.00, and all of your 'Picks' will be randomly allocated for you.... No sporting knowledge required (I needed to think of doing it this way for my own sake as Summer Sports ain't a strong point, in fact I hadn't heard of most of the top ranked seeds in the majority of the categories!!!)

However, for those in the know and in certain categories, you will be able to choose selections, rather than leaving it to chance, and each choice will cost you a quid more on top of the £15.00!!

You will be limited to 5 Selections. All the selections will be made at outset, so you don't need to do anything more throughout the 'Lottery', and if for any reason your selection isn't taking part in one of the competitions, though injury or not selected, a replacement random selection will be made for you.

The Competition will run from 19th May through to 12th September. It will start on Day 1 of the PGA Championship at the Southern Hills Country Club, in Tulsa, Oklahoma and End on Day 5 of the final Test Match between England and South Africa, at The Oval, or if it's raining, would have ended the day before with not only Day 4 of that Test Match but also the Italian Grand Prix and the Finals of the US Open Tennis.

So here's what we've got lined up for you

Let's Start with Football.

It's all about the Women's Euros.

The Finals take place in England over the Summer, and you will have two picks, one from the four favourites to proceed from the four groups, and then a wild card.

Selections will be made at Outset, and teams will win you points for winning games, by the margin they win games, by players scoring more than one goal in a game, and clean sheets being kept, and few other factors.

There will also be penalties incurred for bookings and sending offs, and penalties for missing penalties, including those in any shoot-outs.

A full breakdown of the points scoring basis will be posted on the website in the Rules, once they are finalised.

Sport 2 - Formula 1.

Races commence from May, with the Spanish Grand Prix through to September and the Italian Grand Prix.

You'll have two drivers, and two teams. You can select a Team and Driver from the first groups if you want to.

Points will be awarded based on where the drivers and cars finish, as well as points for the Pole Positions. There will be additional points for the fastest lap set. Penalty points will be incurred for grid penalties incurred and time penalties during the race as well as any pit stop drive throughs.

Back-up Teams and Driver Points will be weighted higher than the Main Drivers and Team.

Sport C - Test Cricket & One Day Cricket.

Hmmmm Needed to think twice about including Test Cricket based on the debacle of The Ashes, and then the collapse in the West Indies.

However, New Zealand, India and South Africa are all over to play in England this year, and so might as well see if we can add something in to capture these games.

You'll be allocated batsmen and bowlers from the sides (or you can pick them for a quid), and points will be awarded based on runs scored and wickets taken.

Batting points will be awarded based on Runs Scored. In addition they will get 2 points for every '4' scored and 4 points for every '6' scored. All the points will attract a 25% bonus if the player is Not Out at the end of the innings. Ducks will carry penalty points, Golden Ducks higher penalties, and even higher penalties for a pair or a pair of Golden ones!!!

Bowlers will get 25 points for every wicket they Bowl someone out, other wickets (caught etc.) will be worth 20 Points. Points will be awarded for maiden overs, and wicket maiden overs, a Hat-trick will be worth a 100 point bonus. No Balls bowled will carry a 5 point penalty.

Catches will be worth 5 points each. But Wicket-Keepers will incur a 2 point penalty for every run they concede as a Bye.

As well as the Test Matches there are a number of One Day and T20 games going on against Netherlands, South Africa and India, and again batsmen and bowlers will be randomly allocated to us all, or, you know, a quid will allow you to pick your own.

Points will be awarded in much the same way as the Test Cricket, the big difference will be that all the points won will then be enhanced, or decreased, by the batsman's strike rate, or the bowler's economy rate. For batsmen the benchmark strike rate will be 120, for Bowlers, the Economy Rate 6.5 per over.

Number 4 - Tennis

For two weeks in the summer, tennis takes over. everything else stops, as Wimbledon and Cliff entertain us all, and so had to include tennis.

But not just Wimbledon, but also Roland Garros, Queen's and Birmingham pre-Wimbeldon tournaments and then in September, The US Open.

Mens and Women's tournaments will be included, and again two players from each tournament will be allocated. One will be from the top 15 seeds as at end of May, another from those seeded between 16-50, and the points won by the Back-Up player will be enhanced

Points will be awarded for wins, the points will increase each round, and the margin of the win, will increase the points won. A 2-0 win scores more points than a 2-1 win. The winner of the tournament will be awarded additional points. Bonus points will be awarded for Aces Served, penalty points for double faults.

Fifth - Golf

Three golfers will be winning points for you. One from the top 15 ranked players, one from the 16th-30th ranked players, and one more from the 31st-50th ranked players.

Players in the third set will have scores enhanced.

Points will be awarded based on their scores, every player will start with 300 'shots', and those left (X3) will be their score for the tournament, with points also awarded for the top five in the tournament.

Players missing the cut will have their scores from the first two rounds increased by 2.25

There will be bonus points added for birdies, eagles, etc.... and any holes played over par will incur a penalty for every shot over par.

I've got the PGA, the US Open and the Open on the radar for this Summer Sport.

F - The Commonwealth Games

We also have the Commonwealth Games in the Midlands this Summer, Perry Bar and Smethwick hosting key events (!!) with a whole range of 'Games' from the full Athletics program, T20 Cricket, Rugby 7's and an old Favourite, the Beach Volleyball.

72 nations will take part, thoughts on scoring will be Set A will be home nations, and other nations representing everyone taking place in this contest. You'll be allocated your home nation.

Set B will be the big hitters outside Set A, Set C will be nations you'll need to look up on a map.

In Sets A&B, a Gold will be worth 10 points, Silver 5 points and a Bronze 2 points, but Set C will carry double points for all medals

Final Entry. Baseball

The 2022 Major League season got underway in April, and will continue all the way through Summer.

Anyone who's seen MoneyBall will want the Oakland A's. Anyone who hasn't seen MoneyBall all I can say to you is


We'll pick up matches from May through to September, and you will be allocated two teams, which will win you points for every game they win, and the bigger the margin they win by, the more points they will win.

This Really Is The Final Entry - Horse Racing

Throughout the summer the Flat Season takes place, and on the racing calendar are 100's of meetings, but we'll focus on the main ones.

These will include The Epsom Derby, Royal Ascot, the King George, and the St Ledger to name a few.

Knowing in advance which horses will be running is impossible to predict accurately, so points will be based on Jockey and Trainer performance, and you'll be allocated one of each.


Below is the Calendar of all the events that will be tracked throughout the Summer. On either the FaceBook page or the WhatsApp group that are being set up, I will keep you regularly updated with the events about to take place.

By COMPLETE ACCIDENT, no design at all, the events take place on exactly 100 days from the first to the final day of the events. There are a few days during the events, where nought it is happening, but on most days, points will being won and/or lost, as the events take place. Let me re-iterate again though, all you need to do is say yep count me in, make any picks you want to spend a Quid on before May 19th, and then just sit back and watch things unravel.

So that's the template People, an attempt to create some competition from a mishmash of 100 Days of Summer Sports. Sports that usually I'd only flick through on the phone without giving them too much time or attention, that might suddenly become a little more intriguing and compelling.

Why do it, perhaps just for that reason, to make the mundane so a tad more 'gripping'. Or maybe, I've just too much time on my hands...

Whatever the reason, will be great to have you on the ride.

So Come On. Sign Up.

Stevie P.

'The MasterBatter'

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