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Summer Lottery

90 seconds is all that's needed to read this, perhaps 120 if you're a slow reader, and then maybe another 60 seconds if you're inspired to join in with the rest of us.

Since retiring I've found a new, some might say more purposeful, need for the Excel Skills I've acquired, and I'm proud to say that as well as creating football and sports competitions friends can take part in, and enjoy, it's also provided a framework for collecting monies to pass onto charities.

And I'm hopeful this 'Lottery' will take the total amount contributed over the last 12 months to well over £2,000.00 with a percentage of the signing on fees and any additional donations this time being given to SANDS.

Of course there's cash prizes for those that win the competitions as well, and the football ones are fiercely fought by many that think they know loads, and prove that ultimately they don't.

Summer though, is pretty much a 'Lottery'.

I've thrown together a few Golf and Tennis tournaments. Included 8 Formula 1 Grand Prix that take place in the time frame the 'Lottery' runs, included the Netball World Cup and the Group Stages of the Women's World Cup and of course The Ashes series, as England look to beat the Aussies. It all gets underway on the 18th May, and ends early in August.

Most that join will have no clue about the sports that have been compiled into this competition, and even less of an idea as to how the points scoring works. (Me included!!)

And the great news is you don't have to.

You can just leave everything to Lady Luck. Not only will the final top 3 take away cash prizes, but there will also be two random cash prizes awarded, decided by events in the sports covered, more details will follow, but I'd expect these to be awarded to those outside the top 10!!

So why not join in. £15.00 gets you in. All you need to do is complete the information below (that's the additional 60 seconds I said you'd need at the beginning), and click Submit. I will do the rest when it reaches me. Or just message or WhatsApp me, whatever works best for you.

And then, why not pass it onto family, friends, work colleagues. And if you've already signed up, I know a number of you have, again pass it around.

Remember, for everyone that joins, more will be donated to SANDS.

Stevie P

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