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Head2Head League

Starting this round will be the H2H League.

It's an idea I'd been messing around with for a month or so, and the introduction of new teams in my mind made me think that perhaps having a 'reason' to score well every weekend until the end of the season would be an added incentive.

Also we ran a competition last season based on H2H scores, and have had similar events in the Euros and World Cup, and so this is just an extension of that.

From now on, every season, H2H will run in the back ground. At the end of every campaign we will name a Champion, will relegate bottom teams, and promote top teams. And then start again.

All that's up for grabs is Kudos (currently). With major sponsorship deals that might change in the future.

Places in the inaugural Season have been set. The 8 new teams have joined in Division 3.

Each Round there will be H2H fixtures, and over the next 15 rounds, you will play every team in the division. Results will quite simply be decided by how you do against the other 14 teams in your division. There are 5 points for a win, 2 points for a draw, and bonus points on offer every round.

You'll get 5 points for a score of 50 or above, 4 for 40+, 3 for 30+, 2 for 20+ and 1 for more than 10. You'll score bonus points even if you lose.

One team will miss out each round in the H2H fixtures (there's odd number in each division). The missing team can still score bonus points in the round they're not involved in a H2H.

Round 27 H2H fixtures have been set as.

Bring it On!!!

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