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Scoring & Bankers Explained (kind of....)

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

5th August sees a New Season kick off, so I've re-hashed last seasons explanation of how the points, and especially the Bankers work.....

Firstly let's run through how you score points with your guessing.

Let's use a couple of games from late on in the Premier League last season to highlight how the points system works

If you had predicted that Spurs would beat Arsenal at Anfield, then you'd have been right and got points. Spurs won 3-0. If you'd said 3-0, then you would have got 7 points because you got the score right plus the number of goals scored in the game. Therefore for this prediction/guess, you'd have been awarded 10 points.

If you'd guessed at 4-1, or 5-2, you'd have got the score wrong, but the margin of the win correct. For this you'd have been awarded 3 points, and if you'd got the result only right, say you'd gone for 1-0 or 4-3, then you'd have been awarded 2 points.

You'd have got nothing for predicting a draw or an Arsenal win.

Every round you can use Bankers to increase the points you win on the games, if you get your prediction right. With an 'Enhanced' Banker you double the points won, with a 'Guaranteed' Banker you get triple points.

So in the game above, a correct score if Enhanced would have been worth 20 points, if Guaranteed, worth 30 points. If you'd just got the result correct, you'd gone for 1-0, then it would have been worth 4 points if Enhanced, and 6 if Guaranteed.

Get it wrong though, and penalties kick in.

A wrong 'Enhanced' Banker costs you 5 points, a wrong 'Guaranteed' Banker costs you the points you'd have won on that game, if you'd got the score right.

To highlight when it goes wrong, let's again use a Premier League game as an example. If you'd bet that Chelsea would beat Brentford at Stamford Bridge (which many did in our 21/22 Competition), and Enhanced it, then you'd have been fined 5 points (Brentford won 4-1!), if you'd Guaranteed it, then you'd have been fined 12 points.....

Every round you can bet up to 5 points, you can use them on Enhanced (they cost 1 point) and Guaranteed (they cost 2 points) Bankers.

Eventually, in May, the team with the most points, will be declared the Season 22/23 Champ, and how they've used their Bankers will have a major bearing on their success.

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