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Updated: Jan 2

With the 3rd Round kicking off at Swindon on Friday 7th January, so does our FA Cup Competition for 2022.

Won last year by 'Chips And Gravy' with GraniteCity Fox picking up the Runner-Up spot, the competition ran from 3rd Round through to and including the Final, and will do the same again this time round.

The rules are fairly simple.

You need to predict the result of every game played, and 'bet' points you have on the result you've predicted.

There's a minimum bet of 3 points per game, or the average of the points you have left if lower than 3. There's no maximum, and last season we had some big (huge) gambles in the early rounds, which effectively knocked out players there and then.

We also saw the cautious approach, as players bet minimums, and banked points for later rounds, which got them closer, but ultimately it was 'educated' betting that won the competition for 'Chips And Gravy'.

In the later round there's a twist this year as you're be able to make more than one bet on each fixture, more details will be provided as we get closer.

The easiest way to send your Guesswork in is via the Excel sheet below.

FA Cup 3rd Round
Download XLSX • 14KB

You will need to select your name from the dropdown list (in future rounds this will then tell you how many points you have to play with).

If you're new, select New Player from the dropdown, then enter your team name in the box below. In future rounds your team name will also then appear in the dropdown list.

If you want to just average your points against the games, you can do so by selecting the average, otherwise select minimum per game, and each game is allocated the minimum of 3 points. You can then amend the amount on each game and keep an eye on what you've spent in the 'Pts Left to Bet' box. For each game, select choose if you think it's going the result is going to be Home win, an Away win or a draw.

The result is always the result as at the end of normal time, extra-time and penalties are not counted.

The potential winnings are then calculated for you for each game, and in total.

Once done, WhatsApp the sheet back to me or email to me on

The Deadline for the 3rd Round Guesswork is Friday 7th January, 6PM (UK).

Once all the guesses are in, I will publish them to all taking part.

£15.00 gets you in.... and more information can be found here on the FA Cup page of the website.

And please share with as many players as possible..... the more the merrier, and any new players are also welcome to join a Second Tier for the rest of the season I will set up if enough interest (a handful of hopefuls at the moment requested to join). Sign Up here if you're a Newbie

The winner, will have the most points when Hugo Lifts the Cup in May (well maybe not Hugo...)

All that remains, is to say,


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