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The Points....

Points will be awarded/deducted for the following occurrences in each of the following sections of rate competition in Season 22/23.


Weekly Guesses (Premier League Competition)


There will be 12 games every round that you will need to submit your predictions on. The more games you 'guess' right, the more points you win.

A correct score will win you 7 points, plus the number of goals scored in the game (a 3-1 correct score will be worth 11 points.) If you don't get the score right, but the margin of victory is correct, you guessed 2-0 instead of the 3-1, you'll get 3 points, if you got the result right, but not the margin (you said 1-0), you'll get 2 points.

Every round you can use 5 points to buy 'Bankers' that will increase your points scored, if you're correct.

An Enhanced Banker costs 1 point, and will double the points you win.  But get the prediction wrong, and as well as the point you spent, you lose 5 points.

A Guaranteed Banker costs 2 points, and will triple the points you win.  Get this wrong and you lose the amount of points the actual result was worth. (If you had 1-0, and it ends up 1-3, then that's minus 11 points).

The points you win the 'Lottery Section' will earn you additional points in this Competition.  5% of Lottery Points won will be added to your total.

The winner will have the most points, in the event of a tie, positions will be settled by the % of results you get correct in all the games you submit predictions for.


League Games (Lottery Competition)


Teams you select in the Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2, National League, Scottish Premier, Women's Super League & The Euro Super League can earn points in every league game they play in.

There will be 7 points awarded for a win, and 2 points awarded for a draw.  These points will then be adjusted in relation to the coefficients between the team.  These were worked out in relation to where the teams finished last season.  For example, in the Premier League, Nottingham Forest are rated 1, Arsenal are rated 0.5.  When playing each other, a Forest win would be worth double the points (14) whereas an Arsenal victory would half the points on offer.

Then in addition every winning goal will be worth 1 additional point, and in addition any player scoring 2 or more goals will be worth an additional 2 points, players that score 3 or more will be worth a further 3 points (5 for a hat-trick).  

In addition cards received will carry penalty points.  1 for any yellow cards awarded against your team, 2 if sent off due to a second yellow, 3 for a straight red. If cards are rescinded later, then so will the points awarded.

Cup Competitions (Lottery Competition)

Wins in Domestic Cup Games will be worth 5 points for a win in the first round played, 10 points in Round 2, 15 points in Round 3, and so on. There will be no points awarded for Draws.  If replays are included in the FA Cup again this season the result will be the result reached at the end of the game, including extra-time and if needed penalties.

Teams will be awarded additional points for multiple goalscorer as per the League games, and coefficients will count, making 'Giant Killers' extremely valuable.

In the event of a game going to penalties, the win points for each team will be averaged, and 65% of the points will go to the winner and 35% to the loser, adjusted by coefficients.  For example, if Derby play Sunderland in the 3rd Round of the FA Cup, Derby would be on their 3rd game, so a victory worth 15 points, Sunderland on their first game, so a victory worth 5 points, so a penalty shoot-out would have 10 points on offer (average of 15 & 5).

Goalscorer and cards will carry same points/penalties as for league games. In the event of extra-time and/or replays all time will count, but penalty shoot-out goals will not count.

Champions League and Europa League Group games will count as Round 1 and be worth 5 points for a win, and 2 points for a draw. 

Knock-out games will increase each round by 5 points for a win and 2 its for a draw (1st round, 10 points for a win and 4 for a draw, 2nd round, 15&6) and both legs will count as 'Individual' games.  Goalscorer and cards will count as per the cup games above, but penalty shoot-out results will be ignored if the games go to penalties to decide the tie, although final scores WILL include any extra-time played.

The Most Valuable Goalscorer

Let's see if the Golden Boot is reflected in this MVG Table.

Goals are critical, but how they're scored, who they're scored against, whether they result in a win and any assists made, all count.

The first goal scored by a player, in a game, will be worth 2 points, unless it's a penalty, in which case the value is halved.  Any other goals scored will be worth 1 point (half if a penalty).  Any penalties missed carry a 1 point penalty.  Assists will be worth half point each.

All points will then be adjusted by the difference in coefficients between the teams.  A Jamie Vardy goal versus Chelsea will be worth more than one against Leeds. A win will increase points by 30%, a defeat reduce points by 30%.

Come the end of the League Season, the MVG will be known

The Most Valuable GoalKeeper

The Golden Gloves are awarded to the goalkeeper with the most clean sheets.  That's it, nothing else taken into account.

The MVGK will take a few more factors into account.  Clean Sheets are obviously important, and are worth 3 points plus every save made in the game.  A penalty save is worth an additional point.

Each goal conceded carries a 1 point penalty.  A goalie can still earn points based on the number of saves made.  If conceded, then points for saves won't count until 3 have been made.  Then each save is worth a point.  If Ramsdale concedes 2, but saves 8, then he will score 3 points in the game.

Yellow Cards, Red Cards and conceding penalties, all carry additional penalties, and finishing on the winning side, and team coefficients will be taken into account.  A clean sheet against Manchester City will be more valuable than a lock out against Bournemouth.


In this group, teams and players get rewarded for filth!

Cards awarded carry points.  2 for Yellow, 4 more for second Yellow or 8 for a straight Red.

Manage a second Yellow in the first half it's worth 6 more, or straight Red in first 45 minutes gains you 12.  Winning the game reduces the points tally by 30%, defeat increases by 30%.   We're looking for reckless and out and out madness here.

The Virtual 'Euro Super' League

You don't need to do anything more to win points in this table.

Any team 'selected' or 'randomly allocated' in either the Premier League, Championship, Leagues 1 or 2, National League, Scottish Premiership or the Euro Super Clubs will be included in this table.

Their points will be adjusted to ensure that all teams are judged over the same number of games.  38 games will be regarded as the benchmark, teams in the Championship and lower leagues will have points per game reduced (38/46th) whilst German teams will have their points per game increased (36/34th)

If you're backing the winner of the Virtual League come the end of the season, then you'll get a 50 point bonus.  Back second placed you'll earn 35 points, 3rd 20, 4th 10, 5th 6 and 6th 3.

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