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The football season is heading into the final 15 weeks of what should prove to be a frantic battle at the top for the title between Woolwich, and themselves, for Champions League places between Brighton and Fulham, and for Everton staving off the threat of relegation.


We’re already 26 weeks into our competition, so too late to join that and make any real headway, but as some new recruits have asked if they can take part for the rest of 22/23, and be ‘match’ ready for the start of 23/24 (I admire the forward thinking), the chance for all to test your skills is being created.


Starting February 25th, through to May 21st, the first season of the FootyCompetition Leagues will commence, with all the existing teams taking part, and the new teams also joining in.


There’s nothing extra needed from the current 38 teams, effectively your score each round, will pitch you Head2Head with another in your division, and points will be awarded for wins, and at the end of the campaign, a Champion will be declared, and teams will be promoted and relegated from each division (currently thinking 3 or 4 divisions) ready for the start of next one.


The initial divisions will be set by the positions in the Table at the end of R28 for the existing teams, with the newbies joining, in the bottom division (effectively the National League Equivalent)


And there’s no cost to join in for the rest of 22/23, mainly because, basically,  there’s nought but Kudos to be won here…..


So if you think you know a thing or two about football, and can predict the outcomes of 12 games every weekend, better than your mates, come and have a go, and bring your mates along, the more the merrier.


You might just prove that you know your stuff, or, as the rest of us prove most weekends, that actually, you don’t….


Simply contact me by filling in the simple form below to get involved.

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