The FA Cup 3rd Round Submission Deadline is in 

The first weekend of December will see the Second Round Proper of the FA Cup take place, and the submission for the 3rd Round Guesswork is now available on this Excel Sheet.

Last Season we ran a stand alone FA Cup competition, won by Chips & Gravy, with GraniteCity Fox taking the runners-up spot.

The competition is very different to the main one, with a degree of gambling involved in winning the top prizes.

Everyone will be given 320 points at outset, and there is a minimum bet you have to make on every game being played.  the maximum bet you can make, is determined by how many points you have.

In a slight twist this year, once we get to the Quarter-Final stages (and beyond) you will be able to make more than one bet on the fixtures, if you want to 'spread' your gamble.

Full rules will be published in the coming weeks,  for now just need a headcount of those up for the contest.

£15.00 will get you in.

The Table will be posted here, and updated as the goals fly in......