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  1. FA Cup 2023 is split into two sections.  The initial 'Picks' section confirms the teams you think will progress through the rounds, and who you think will win the tournament out right and the players you think will make a difference.

  2. OR - you can leave all these selections (or any number of them) to chance.

  3. All selections will need to be made before the first ball of the FA Cup 3rd Rd is kicked.

  4. 5% of the points won in this Section will feed into the points in the Main Competition, if you've entered that.

  5. Once the main competition gets underway, all the games played in the FA Cup will be included, and you will need to enter your guesses before the deadline for each round of games

  6. You will need to predict (guess) the scores for each of these.

  7. Your Guesses will be matched to the result at the end of the game, and this will include extra-time if played.  The final score will not include penalty shoot outs, so draws could happen in the knock-out stages,

  8. You will win 2 points for a correct result, 4 points for a correct result and correct margin (it's 2-1 but you said 1-0), and 10 points for a correct score PLUS the number of goals scored (3-1 is worth 14 points).  All points totals will be adjusted by the team Coefficients (A Villa win over Stevenage would be worth less points than a Stevenage win over Villa)

  9. Points will increase in each of the knock-out rounds.

  10. In addition you will bet on your guesses by placing additional points against them.  You will start with 320 points.

  11. The minimum bet for Round 3 is 3 points per game, Round 4, 4 points, Round 5, 5, you get the idea.  If you've not enough points, the minimum is the average of the points you have left.

  12. There is also a maximum number of points you can bet on each game. Round 3 is 30, Round 4, 40, Round 5, 50, you get the idea.  They will increase to 100, 200 and then 400 in the final, and you will be able to double down on the games in these rounds.​​

  13. The points you bet, will then be multiplied by the points you get for getting the score or the result correct.  Get it wrong, you lose the points.

  14. The Winner will be the person with the most points at the end of the Competition, in the event of a draw, then the player with the most points, minus the Initial Section points will be the winner, if still level the % Correct will determine the outcome

  15. Cash prizes for each competition will be confirmed once the final number of entrants, and the size of the pot, is confirmed

  16. Entry Fee will be £10.00 for the Initial Section only, £25.00 for the Initial and Main Competition.

  17. 10% of all signing on fess will be donated to Charity, this time The British Heart Foundation. 

  18. Fees will also be taken to cover the admin and platform costs

  19. There is no limit on how many times you can enter

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