FA Cup Competition Rules


Last Season we ran a competition that required you to guess the Result (Home, Draw or Away) of every FA Cup fixture from the 3rd Round Proper all the way through to the Final.  The result is the result at the end of normal time, any extra time played will not count.

Last season there were no replays, but they’re back in the 3rd and 4th rounds this time, so those will also be included in the competition, and as above, result at the end of normal time will be counted.


The rules were simple, and remain simple.

  1. You start with 320 points, and you ‘bet’ these points on the results you expect.   You will be provided with the odds for the games (I normally get these from Sky Bet but other bookies will also take your money)

  2. You then get rewarded by the games you guess right, the reward is dictated by the odds on the win, and lose the points you bet on the games you get wrong.

  3. There’s a minimum number of points you need to bet on each game, and this will be 3 points, or the average of the points you have left, whichever is the lower.

  4. The 3rd Round starts with 32 games, therefore you will need to bet a minimum of 3 points per game, that’s 96 of your 320 points, and you can then allocate the rest how you want, or if you want, bank them for future rounds.

  5. There is no maximum bet, you can bet all the points you have after the minimum bets have been place on one result if you want to

  6. The 3rd Round Replays, and 4th Round Replays will count as individual rounds, and the minimum/maximum bets will be allowed

  7. The points you will have to play with in the 4th Round will be those you have left after the 3rd Round Replays have completed

  8. The result will be the result at the end of normal time (no extra-time will be taken into account)

  9. The winner will have the most points when this Season’s winners lift the trophy at Wembley at in May

  10. In the Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and Final, you will be able to spread your bets more if you wish, by 'betting' on two separate results for the same game.   It will be an option, you will need to place a minimum bet on each game still, you will not have to place multiple bets on each game. But if you've enough points, and you want to, you'll be able to spread your risk

It’s really that simple…..

Last time it worked easier if you are able to use Excel to submit your guesses, as this will be populated with the points you have available each Round, and have some easy dropdown options for loading your predictions and spreading your points.

£15.00 gets you in, the pot will be split by the winners, with details of the Places & Prizes being confirmed once the number of competitors have been confirmed.