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The Summer 22 Competition got a little bit too manic, and frantic, so I've decided to trim back Summer 23 a little, and update on Random Selections as the competitions take place.

Contributions will help support Sands this time round, with a percentage of all signing

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 18.17.16.png

on fees going to the charity, as well as any additional monies you wish to donate.

The competition (Lottery) will start at the end of May and run to the end of August.

Focus will be on Golf, Tennis, F1, Test Cricket and a bit of Horse Racing.  More detail on the actual events to follow.  We will cover though 24 events across the five.

There's two options open for joining.

The first and the simple option, join, and let all the choices happen randomly for you, I will let you know them at the beginning of each F1 race, each tennis or golf competition, every race held in a meet and every Test Match.

Or, second option, make your own choices. You can actually let random happen as some of those choices if you want, but if you want to pick Hamilton at the British Grand Prix, Root at Lords, Scheffler at The Open or Murray at Wimbledon, under this option, you can.

Option 1 will be £15.00, Option 2 will be £25.00.

Stevie P

You can find everything relating to the Summer Contest here.  

I say 'contest'...  It's not really, it's a complete 'Lottery' cobbled together to turn a number of Summer Sports not usually viewed as interesting by most,  into something a tad more interesting as we will have a vested interest in them.

All of the tables will look much better on an iPad, mobile or desktop, but I will continue to work on the mobile offerings as well to see if i can improve them.

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