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The Rules....

  1. The 100 Days of Summer Sports Compendium will start on Thursday 19th May and conclude on Monday 12th September.

  2. Any ‘Picked’ selections must be made prior to the Random Selections being allocated.

  3. Random Selections will be made on Wednesday 18th May, 16.00 UK Time.  The allocations will hopefully be completed on-line (possibly FB Live) so that anyone that wishes to adjudicate can join in on the process.

  4. Currently there are 8 ‘Sports’ being covered by the Compendium, Golf, Formula 1, Tennis, Cricket, The Euros, Baseball, Horse Racing and The Commonwealth Games.

  5. Points scoring varies from category to category, an explanation of the points for each category will be posted separately.

  6. Points won by your selections will go towards your final total, and the Final Pot will be divided out between the Winner and 3 Runners-up.

  7. If the points are even, then the standard deviation between the sports category points will decide placings. (Let's be honest, it's not going to be an issue!!)

  8. Anyone is welcome to enter, and if you are inclined to enter more than once, feel free to do so.

  9. The Basic Entry Fee is £15.00.

  10. You are allowed to make up to a maximum of 5 selections, if you want to, but each selection will cost you a Quid.

  11. 10% of the Fees received will be donated to MacMillan Cancer Support

  12. A fee will be taken to cover admin costs for running the competition, and then the Prize Pot will be split across the top four teams

  13. There will be regular updates posted on The 100 Days of Summer WhatsApp group and FaceBook Page throughout the Lottery.

  14. Tables will be updated regularly on the website, with scores being updated Live whenever I’m actually sitting down watching any of the events!!

  15. If your selection is not playing in one of the events, (for example Olly Pope isn’t picked for the Test Side and you have him as your random selection) a replacement player will be randomly allocated prior to the event starting.

  16. The above replacement rule will also apply to any ‘Selected’ options you have made.

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