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The Points....

Points will be won in each Category in the following manner




Each Player will start each competition with 325 points, and every shot they take to complete the competition will be deducted from this, leaving them with net points won.

Players that miss the 'Cut' in a competition, will have their scores in the first two rounds increased by a factor of 2.25, to calculate their final score (if they score 70 and 80, the 150 scored will be increased to 337.5 which will give a net score of MINUS 12.5)

Competition winners will receive a 50 point bonus, 2nd place 25 points, 3rd place 10 points, 4th place 5 points and 5th place 2 points.   If positions are tied points will be spread across the tied positions.

Players will score 3 bonus points for every birdie, 6 points for every eagle and 20 points for any albatrosses or holes-in-one.

There will be a two point penalty for any shots over par on every hole played (2 over par on a hole carries a 4 point penalty for that hole). 

Players in the 31st-50th ranked groups will have their final scores (shots and bonuses/penalties applied) increased by 30%, including if they have a negative score when the points are calculated, thus increasing the penalty points for that competition.


Formula 1


Each Driver and Team will win points based on where they finish in the race. 

Drivers will score 40 points for finishing first, 32 for 2nd, 26 for 3rd, 20 for 4th, 17 for 5th, then 15 through to 1 for the remaining positions. 

Teams will win 20 points for 1st place, then 19 through to 1 for the rest of the places.

The Driver in Pole will get 10 points, 2nd on the Grid 7, 3rd 4, 4th 2 and 5th 1.  Team points will be 5, 4, 3, 2 & 1 for Teams on Pole through to 5th.

3 bonus points to the Driver and Team producing the fastest lap in the race.

Penalty points equivalent to grid penalties, and time penalties will be levied at 2X the penalty given, a Pit Lap drive through penalty, will result in a 5 point penalty.

Backup drivers and teams will have their final scores (including bonuses/penalties applied) increased by a factor of 30%.


A win will be worth 5 points, in Round 1, 10 points in Round 2, 15 in Round 3, then 20 and so on.

The Winner of the Final will be awarded an additional 50 points.

In addition the wins in each round will be increased by the winning margin of the match. 

Winning a match by 3 sets to 'Love' will be worth 3 additional points, winning by 2-1 will be worth 1 additional point.

Aces will be worth 1 point each, Double Faults will carry a point penalty.

Back-Up players will have their final scores (including bonuses/penalties applied) increased by a factor of 30%.


Horse Racing

There will be a minimum of 5 races selected from each meeting.

Each race will reward the first 7 horses, with 10 points for the winner, 7 for 2nd, then 5-1 for the rest.

The points will then be adjusted by the Starting Price (SP) for the Horse, and the position they finished in. 

The points won will be increased by the SP, with the original points also added.  These points will then be adjusted by the position the horse finishes.  First place will get 1/1 of the points (full points), second placed 1/2, third 1/3 though to seventh and 1/7 of the points.

Originally I was tracking Riders and Trainers, but in reality I couldn't get this to work out fairly.

If your horse is withdrawn from the race prior to the start, you will be allocated a Substitute for that race



Easy calculations on this Sport.

A Win is worth 2 points, plus the margin of the victory.

A 9-3 victory is therefore worth 8 points.

The CommonWealth Games

Gold medals are worth 10 points, Silver's are worth 5 and a Bronze is worth 2 points.

Any World Records set are worth an additional 5 points.

Countries in Group 2 will have the points won enhanced by 10%, and Group 3 will be enhanced by 30%

The Women's Euros 2022

You are allocated two teams. 

A favourite to win one of the four groups, and one other team.

Group games are worth 5 points for a win, 2 points for a draw, plus the margin of the victory.

In the group games any player that scores twice in a game is worth 5 points, a player scoring 3 or more is worth 10 points.

Defeats carry penalty points, equal to the margin of defeat

Yellow cards carry a 2 point penalty, 5 cards a 10 point penalty and any penalties missed a 5 point penalty.

In the Quarter-Finals all the points will be doubled, in the Semi-Finals all will be increased 5 fold, and in the Final multiplied by ten.

For the knock-out games the match result will be taken at the end of normal time, but player points for goals scored, and penalty points for cards and penalties will continue into the extra-time added.

Penalty misses in any shoot-outs to decide games, WILL INCUR PENALTY POINTS.

Test Cricket

Players will score a point for every run scored.

A 4 scores a 2 point bonus, a 6 a 4 point bonus. If the batsman is ‘Not Out’ at the end of the innings, all batting points scored are increased by 25%.

A player getting a ‘Duck’ incurs a 10 point penalty, if it's a ‘Golden Duck’ a 25 point penalty.

Players will score 25 points for Wickets they take, confirmed as ‘Bowled’. Other wickets such as ‘LBW’, ‘Caught’, etc will be worth 20 points

A ‘Maiden Over’ will be worth 3 points, and 10 additional points will be added for any wickets taken in the Maiden Over.  A Hat-trick is worth 100 points.

Each run conceded by the Bowler incurs a penalty.

In Addition, No Balls bowled carry a 5 point penalty for each run conceded off the no-ball.

Catches are worth 5 points, a ‘Direct Run Out’ worth 5 points and a ‘Run-Out’ assist worth 2 points for each party (a throw is taken by another fielder to break the wickets - both score 2 points)

One Day International Cricket (50 Over and T20)

Runs scored will earn points as per the test match, but will also be either enhanced, or reduced by the ‘Strike Rate’ recorded by the player.

The Benchmark Strike Rate will be set at 150. (150 runs per 100 balls faced). Therefore a rate of 175 will result in the runs points being increased by 17.5%, a Strike Rate of 85 would result in a reduction by 43.33%

Maidens will carry a 20 point bonus, and 10 additional points for any wickets taken in the maiden.

Points for wickets will be the same as the points scored in Test Matches. Runs conceded incur the same 1 point penalty.

No Balls will carry the same penalty, but runs scored off the free-hit from the no ball will also count.

All Bowling points will be enhanced or reduced by the Economy Rate set by the bowler, the rate is the runs per over the bowler goes for. (Runs scored off every 6 balls).

The Benchmark for the ‘Economy Rate’ will be set at 7

A bowler with a rate less than 7 will have points enhanced, over the rate, then points will be reduced.

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