Update #31   (Thursday August 25)

Test Match cricket and Formula 1 are on the agenda for the weekend, with the US Open getting underway next week as the tennis players in your squads start their final tournament of the competition.

In the cricket, if you had Matty Potts in your selections, for this match he's being replaced by Ollie Robinson.

Following this weekend we still have another Test Match, 2 F1 races and a Race Meeting at Doncaster before the final places are decided, and with Race Meetings previously being worth in excess of 600 points there's still hope for the majority of sneaking into the cash places.

I will update again when the Belgian Grand Prix either Sunday, when the Grand Prix has finished, or Monday, if the cricket has lasted that long.   So probably, based on the last matched England played, Sunday!!!

Stevie P

You can find everything relating to the Summer Contest here.  


I say 'contest'...  It's not really, it's a complete 'Lottery' cobbled together to turn a number of Summer Sports not usually viewed as interesting by most,  into something a tad more interesting as we will have a vested interest in them.

All of the tables will look much better on an iPad, mobile or desktop, but I will continue to work on the mobile offerings as well to see if i can improve them.